Sunday, April 21, 2013

Background Check

Do you know of someone who took a criminal background check on some people and do you think it is a good idea? For me it is a very good idea to get a criminal background check on someone. You see we are not on those days when we know our neighbor or our so called friends a true friend. I have seen shows on TV about how this woman is being deceived by her husband to think that they are married already. It is very scary also to those college students who by there own living in university campuses and starting to have dates. For parents thinking about it is not good that is why I so like parents to check on their daughter’s boyfriend and the son’s too. I am Asian and in my tradition the parents has the right to get a background check to people who come to their son or daughters life. And if the background is nice and good then the parents will tell the daughter or son that their boyfriend or girlfriend has a good background and that they will give their blessings to the young couple. I like my tradition I like to follow it in my household too.

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