Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Serenity


  1. I think you should definitely try coloured jeans Mary! You could start with cobalt blue, just think of it as a more saturated blue jean! Also, I love the post below of the new brooches you received from your mother in law. They look great on a blazer or you can tie a scarf and use it as a way to finish off the look on a simple sheath dress. Keep it as a brooch, you'll have more uses vs. a cocktail ring.

    1. Hi Bessie, thanks for the advice. Yes I would try blue first. ^_^

  2. That's a beautiful capture ate!!

    Here's my first Saturday Sareenity entry, hope you can visit.

  3. Beautiful and soothing!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice week****

  4. Beautiful photo! I'm in love with your header background photo!
    Thanks for you sweet visit!
    Miss Bloomers

  5. Hi there - I have just returned from the wild, woolly and less that wonderful world of wireless only internet - so now I'm catching up.

    Very nice control of the exposure to get the candles in the background.

    I was very close to the ground to take the Big Sky shot – but I was also shooting up hill, so I could remove almost all of the foreground.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  6. lovely...soothing and even romantic!

    and thank you for dropping by and contributing to Saturday Sareenity.

  7. Lovely composition Mary! Could use your picture to meditate by!

  8. So serene. I love the candle and I agree it is very romantic!


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