Monday, January 30, 2012

2nd White

I was browsing the internet and happened to see aol's fashion blog. They featured there five ways to wear white. I recreate my own five ways and with thrifting galore I made it. This is my 2nd  photo of wearing white in five days. Here is the first 1st white.

                                    White shirt, crop pants and purse owned many moons ago.
                                      Knitted Sweater black - thrifted
                                                 Shoes              - Jcp      ( thrifted )
                                                 Necklace         - Target (thrifted)
                                             Linking to COLOR BLIND and THRIFAHOLICS
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  1. This is a nice, clean cut look, I like the ankle-strap shoes with the green pants, very lovely.

  2. Hi, Mary. Thanks so much for stopping by.
    I love this look sooooo much. You really look "put together". I have had difficulty finding a way to wear crop pants and make them look dressier.(Maybe it's because I need more sophisticated pants.) It's something I'd still like to achieve. You've done it beautifully! You've inspired me to keep this look in mind and work on it again.

  3. I totally thrifted lime green cropped pants and have not worn them...didn't even think they could business professional! Love this look...I'm gonn have to try something here! Thanks for linking up!!

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