Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Violin Bow

     Does it came to your mind if you can play a musical instruments of any kind? In my dreams I do like to play violin, hehe. Why? Because in our church our choir has someone playing the violin every Sunday and it change the music big time. Especially, after communion when all are quiet in their prayers and the only playing is the soft music from the violin. That's when I start dreaming and wishing that in just in an instant like magic I can play violin, but not!! Everyone has to learned and have patience and endurance to learned. I do not know how much a violin cost because one time my niece ask me if she could play violin but I flatly say no for I do not know how much it cost for a violin. Then I found this violin bow online and it looks beautiful and sturdy. So if you happen to look for violin bow go check this site.

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