Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Trumpet

     This year my nephew is in first year high school. When he was young he is very active he cannot seat for a seconds he is going to run again. This time he mellowed down but still his energy is into video games and I do not like that. I remember when I was young we play the whole day we only go home when we heard my mother or father whistling that means it is time to go home and eat! Anyway, my nephew joined the school band, for beginners he needs to choose one musical instrument, and to our surprise, he chooses a trumpet, which is very cool. I look at the internet and online I found a beginner trumpet at wwbw, which is now on sale a great find right? Now I know what to buy for my nephews Christmas gift.


  1. I always wished I had musical talent .... good for him for going for it!!!!!
    Play loud and proud!
    diane @aug's blog

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