Monday, October 31, 2011

It's very rewarding!

Last week, I was teaching my 3rd graders about the third person of the Holy Trinity which is the Holy Spirit. We have a lesson plan to follow and of course I also have to read and study and PRAY of my lesson that day. I gathered all the kids to a room across the church and we are in the middle of discussion when our parish priest Fr. G came and visit us. I told father G. that we are talking about Holy Spirit. And so Fr. G asked the kids about who is the third person of the Holy Trinity...and all of them answered Holy Spirit! Then Fr. G continued to asked them how many persons in one God. And they answered THREE! Father G. , asked them what are says Father, the other kid says Jesus, then the other one says Holy Spirit. Father says Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I was so happy that my kids answered the questions well. It's the most rewarding feeling that I couldn't explained. It feels that in heaven I got a bullseye! Tomorrow, I am going to talk about All Saints and All Souls Day! This would be fun!


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