Friday, June 7, 2013

I Thrifted

When I was in Singapore last April I did not buy so many stuff I traveled light ^_^ But when I saw this flip flop I told myself to get it right away. And I did and it is not that cheap I think this cost $20.00 Singapore dollars.

And here is my herb garden, still planting more and trying to get more herbs from the local nursery. It's a great feeling to picked  fresh lettuce, basil, oregano and other herbs from your backyard.

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  1. Getting your own fresh herbs is always a thrifty and healthy thing! Thanks for linking with TTF this week.


  2. Your tops are gorgeous. I love your mixed herb pots. Your lettuce looks so happy. Have you tried growing Micro greens? They are nice in a salad. I tried a new Basil this year called Christmas, it is a mix of Thai and Genovese basils and very aromatic.


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